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Why Solar devices?

One and most solar devices life is of more than 25 years. It uses Solar Energy and transforms in the form of Electrical Energy. After 5 years 80% devices will work on Solar only. This is the best time to give initiative for solar. If you are planning to do investment and get long term good result, solar devices are the best. I am giving an Example Company name is SigaSolar. This company is started in the year 2015 and in 2018 this company has expanded and become the best-growing company in the Philippines. They have started with 4 peoples Owner, Engineer, Electrician, Sales Expert in the last 3 years it company has to expend to 100+ employees.

SigaSolar deal with the Manufactures directly and provide solar devices at the lowest rate in the market and even their rate is far lower than of Online Shopping website like Amazon, Alibaba etc. You can contact Siga Solar on

How much Electricity bill reduction is possible?

You can check a minimum of 10% to 50% and more also. How we can calculate it?

Call SigaSolar. Our Engineer will come at your home or your office and check your current bill and space and suggest you the best and lowest price Solar panel with installation and you can share your budget also. They give you a solution according to your budget. 

Where to find lowest price solar device with installation?

You can buy solar panel from many website like Amazon, Alibaba etc but they will give you cost only of Solar devices. If you ask for help from SigaSolar you will get better price from online store and they will install also and provide Maintenance also. Call today.

Where we can use it?

Now you can use Solar devices everywhere even in your daily life also like Solar Power bank, Solar Water heater etc. You can use solar devices in your Home and industries also.

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